At The Family Center, we provide compassionate care for every season of life…

Welcome to The Family Center

Our mission is inspired by our logo of a heart nestled within the love and support of a home, because home is where the story of our life begins…stories of love and achievement, as well as stories of pain and suffering.  The Family Center provides a healing presence which can support you as your life story continues toward a deeper understanding of yourself.  Often, we just need a little help to move into a new direction, and The Family Center can serve as a foundation of healing and hope for your journey of growth and discovery.  We admire the courage it takes to make that first phone call, so please feel welcome and hopefully in time, at home with us at The Family Center.

In addition to general counseling services, The Family Center offers three special programs in support of our mission, which are described below.  For more information about our general counseling services, please click here.

Grace Program

The Grace Program offers grief counseling to individuals and families experiencing the tragic or untimely loss of a loved one...
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Mary Margaret Program

The Mary Margaret Program reaches out to low-income, single-mother families with counseling and education...
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Therese Program

The Therese Program provides care and spiritual guidance to senior citizens as they face challenges in the evening of life...
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