The Family Center proudly offers a variety of therapy services, holistic healing approaches, and spiritual guidance.  Every individual, couple, and family have unique needs, and The Family Center is designed to provide personalized care.

Traditional counseling services include individual, group, couple, and family therapy, which involve a collaborative relationship with a therapist to address a variety of concerns, including relationship distress, grief and loss, trauma, abuse, parent and child interactions, and addiction, among many others.  To read more about our counseling services, please click here.

Spiritual direction includes individual and group meetings, as well as off-site days of prayer, presentations, and retreats.  Spiritual guidance can also include older adult care planning within the family as older adults move into the “evening” of life.
To read more about the spiritual direction services offered at The Family Center, please click here.

Educational facilitation and services include presentations and workshops in the community, learning institutions, and corporate settings. Educational programs typically address family issues, mental health concerns, and group dynamics in the workplace.
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Traditional Counseling Services

Counseling is often seen as a luxury. To us at The Family Center, it is a necessary step in bringing hope into today’s world. Working outside the constraints of managed care, the Center takes individual clients’ financial circumstances into consideration by using a sliding-scale fee. No limit is placed on how often or how long clients may receive counseling.

We approach counseling as a partnership of care and support where you and the therapist both possess valuable knowledge and perspective.  Together, a safe and empowering atmosphere is created which brings forth healing, strength, and personal growth.  We offer counseling services from childhood to maturity through the following modalities:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Couple & Marital Counseling
  • Family Counseling

Furthermore, each therapist at The Family Center has diverse backgrounds and therapy styles, which are paired with your specific needs and concerns for a personalized fit.  Our therapists hold the following areas of special practice:

  • Strengthening couple and family relationships
  • Parent and child interactions
  • Grief & loss
  • Trauma & abuse
  • Addiction
  • Older adult care planning within the family

In addition to our general counseling services, The Family Center offers three special programs in support of our mission:

The Grace Program
The Grace Program offers grief counseling to individuals and families experiencing the tragic or untimely loss of a loved one, especially a child or younger parent. Through guided discussions, clients are encouraged to experience death as a manifestation of grace and as preparation for a new life. Family members also learn to recognize and address each others’ needs during the grieving process. These services extend beyond what most hospice caregivers can provide.

The Mary Margaret Program
The Mary Margaret Program reaches out to low-income families, especially single mothers with children, through individual and group counseling, educational programs and on-site school visits.  Families learn valuable parenting skills, share their challenges, and offer encouragement to one another.

The Therese Program
The Therese Program reaches older adults through visits to their home or nursing facility, providing spiritual guidance and a caring presence to seniors and their families as they face the many challenges in the “evening” of life. The Family Center works to help clients stay informed, connected and as independent as possible during their final days, weeks, months or years. For some clients, our visiting personnel may be the only person they see in quite some time. Presently, the Therese Program is offered free of charge because most clients are on very limited incomes.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact us at (314) 963-9600 or

Spiritual Direction

The Family Center’s spirituality program offers individual and group spiritual direction as well as off-site days of prayer, presentations and retreats.

What Is Spiritual Direction?
Our desire to deepen our relationship with God can benefit from sharing our experiences with faith and God in both individual and group spiritual direction. Individual spiritual direction is a one-to-one relationship between a seeker or directee (one desiring to deepen his or her relationship with God) and a guide or director (a person experienced in the spiritual life).

On the spiritual journey we often need a companion to walk with us in a prayerful, supportive relationship as we discern the direction our life is to take. A spiritual companion also helps us to become aware of the signs and movements of the Spirit in our daily life.

Group spiritual direction is designed to help nurture a community of seekers who, through monthly gatherings with a facilitator and through ongoing prayer, witness and support one another as each travels along his or her individual path.

For more information, please contact us at (314) 963-9600 or

Educational Facilitation & Services

The Family Center staff provides a wide array of educational services, lecturing in schools and corporate settings and providing workshops on parenting, grief and mental health. Madeleine Lane, SSND, MA, LMFT, also works with clients to help facilitate change, improve team dynamics and deal with conflicts in a work environment.

For more information about educational services at The Family Center, please call (314) 963-9600.

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